The DiscPlaces mobie app itself is very simple, the smarts, namely scalability, and contextual search, come from the server. You can create content for DiscPlaces using the DiscApp IOS and WebApp.

As an alternative, you can request a Disc API key, and use that when creating content. This allows you to limit content to the content that you have created. You can use our API to add hyperlocal search to your app. For example, if you are a grocery store, you can add the capabilities of DiscPlaces to let your customers search your store. In addition to our API, you can use the open source code for DiscPlaces to display content, and take advantage of beaconing technology.

You can also clone the DiscPlaces mobile app, and customize it for your application. This entails choosing a name, icon, getting a Google Maps API key, a Disc API key, and picking the color schema. This gives you a mechanism to brand DiscPlaces for your own application.

If you do want to create custom content, e.g., for a museum, consider creating an indoor map of your museum. It’s fairly straightforward, though tedious. One of my students created one for his local HEB grocery store, check out his report here. You can read more about how you add an indoor map to Google maps here.